In the modern world of technologies STEM education becomes especially important

In the modern world of technologies the importance of STEM education (Science – Technology – Engineering – Maths) becomes especially vivid.

STEM Ambassador program, which unites Dow employees across the world who are ready to share their passion and expertise with students, teachers and within their local community through career talks, hands-on activities, professional development and much more.

In May 2017, Dow Russia and CIS-counties employees joined the global initiative and conducted the first series of chemistry lessons at schools.

Dow employees, held chemistry classes for students of the 8th and 11th grades at the school №25, Moscow region. The topic of the classes was devoted to chemistry in everyday life. Dow representatives spoke on the basic aspects of pH and conducted pH indicator experiment.

Dow employee participated in the organization of a class for the 1st form students at the school №2042, Moscow. She conducted the marshmallow challenge activity. The task was performed by the small groups of students who were supposed to build the tallest free-standing structure out of spaghetti, tape, string, and a marshmallow. The activity was aimed at teaching children basic engineering principles such as problem solving, the importance of prototyping and making assumptions.

In March 2018 three Dow volunteers organized chemistry experiments for 8th and 9th class students at Moscow school No.19, starting a range of in-school activities led by Dow STEM Ambassadors. It was a popular “pH indicator” lesson using red cabbage juice to measure pH of household products.

2019: Dow Belarus became an industrial partner of Shadow Day project, recently launched by the chemical department and Career Center of the Belarusian State University (BSU) in Minsk. The aim of the educational project is to practice students’ knowledge in different companies during a day. It can be an office business environment or a site of some manufacturer. The project helps students to dive into their future career and to get a valuable experience being a shadow of an experienced specialist during a day.