Corporate Social Responsibility is a key component of Dow’s business strategy

Corporate Social Responsibility is a key component of Dow’s business strategy globally and in our Region.

In Russia and CIS, Dow has been a proud local corporate citizen since 1974 matching its business growth with high commitments to local communities: creating products to help advance human progress, engaging employees as volunteers, supporting various education programs as well as providing disaster relief.

Below are some of Dow's CSR projects in Russia and CIS


  • Moscow, Russia: Dow became an industrial partner and a sponsor of Children’s Chemistry and Technology Park Mendeleev center based in D.Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia. Jointly with the Government of Moscow, Ministry of Education and Science, University management and other industrial partners Dow took part in the official opening of the newly launched Technological Park on February 7, 2020. The Center is focused on teaching chemistry, nanomaterials, photonics and material science.
  • Moscow, Russia: Dow and the children's technology park Altair of the Russian Technological University MIREA for the first time in Russia launched the educational program Sustainable Innovations developed by NGO We are innovators and adapted by RTU MIREA teachers. Students of 8-11 grades are invited to on-line sessions dedicated to the pressing challenges of modern society, economy, and environment.
  • Moscow, Russia: Dow collaborated with the local non-commercial organizations (NCOs) in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan to support COVID-19 relief measures. The Company made a series of donations to purchase personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare staff rescuing people from the COVID-19 pandemic in the Region.
  • Moscow, Russia:  Dow participated in All-Russian Science Festival NAUKA 0+, which was held in offline and new online format. Festival online visitors were able to see the Museum of Science and listen to lectures, take part in various master classes and discover the fascinating world of chemistry in the Dow virtual laboratory. The Dow program included workshops, science show with spectacular experiments, and an exciting interactive game NaukaQuest!, with winners receiving memorable giveaways.


  • Moscow, Russia: Dow took part in the All-Russian Science Festival promoting chemistry among younger generations and their parents. The event was held on October 11 – 13, 2019 in Expocentre, Moscow, and organized by the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education. During the event visitors to the Dow booth had an opportunity to take part in a special polyurethane chemical experiment conducted by an experienced technical engineer from Dow Izolan, a joint venture between Dow and Izolan, and get a memorable “polyurethane mushrooms.” The programme of the joined booth included chemical experiments, quizzes and lectures.
  • Moscow, Russia: Dow employees joined the local authorities and volunteers to clean the Filevskiy Park of Moscow and the surrounding riverbanks of the Moskva River during a competition open to the public organized by Clean Games on September 21. The event was an opportunity for all participants to learn how to handle and sort waste properly.
  • Moscow, Russia: Dow hosted high school students of Ramensky district of Moscow region, specialized in technology, science and mathematics for a visit of its local site on September 12. During the visit of this advanced manufacturing facility that manufactures polymer dispersions for the coatings and packaging industries, the students took part in interactive experiments and gained occasions to learn more about chemical processes and about the importance of safety in industrial operations.
  • Minsk, Belarus: Dow took part in The Science Festival, an event dedicated to science and contemporary technologies at the Central Botanical Garden in Minsk. Dow focused the students and young specialists’ attention to the importance of chemistry and the prestige of chemical and technical education. The company’s experts run a series of interactive master-classes, including chemical experiments and spoke about everyday life chemistry.
  • Moscow, Russia: Dow took part in ChemFest 2019, an annual festival of the Russian chemical industry manufacturers and research institutes, on June 15th, 2019 in Sokolniki park, Moscow. ChemFest is a sport festival, dedicated to Chemist’s Day celebration, organized by the Ministry of industry and trade of Russia, and the Russian Chemists Union, in order to promote chemistry to wider audiences and to facilitate public interest to sciences.

    At Dow stand young visitors could attend various chemical master-classes, observe and enjoy exciting experiments made with their own hands. They could also learn about polyurethane applications and transformations. The kids were happy to take home polyurethane “mushrooms” and Dow special edition of “Magic of Chemistry” book for children.


  • Moscow, Russia: Dow officially opened a students’ chemical laboratory at the D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia. Dow’s financial support to the project and the University focused on repairing and refurbishing existing equipment and purchasing new educational tools to deliver fascinating chemistry lessons and experiments. Dow volunteers will also take an active part in preparing the lessons and experiments as part of the Company’s global STEM initiative, which aims at promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics among students by supporting and initiating educational projects. More
  • Moscow, Russia: The Dow Chemical Company (Dow) jointly with the Russian Chemists Union and other chemical companies took part in Moscow Science Festival within VIII All-Russian Science Festival. The agenda included experiments with Dow polyurethanes and master-classes of Dow STEM-ambassadors.

    Dow employees told about Dow STEM movement aimed at promoting science and technical specialties among students supporting and initiating educational projects. Dow launched the global STEM initiative in 2014. During the recent three years, more than 3,000 STEM Ambassadors supported more than 2, 500 teachers and 700 projects enhancing STEM opportunities for more than 380, 000 students. More

  • Moscow, Russia: Dow jointly with a charity fund Arifmetika dobra took part in ChemFest 2018, an annual festival of the Russian chemical industry manufacturers and research institutes, on June 2nd, 2018 in Ekaterininskiy park, Moscow.

    The event attracted around 800 participants from more than 30 chemical companies all around Russia and was organized by the Ministry of industry and trade of Russia, and the Russian Chemists Union. ChemFest is a sport festival, dedicated to Chemist's Day celebration, becoming a traditional event to promote chemical industry and facilitate public interest to sciences.

    Young visitors could enjoy colorful polyurethane transformations by Dow Izolan and attend exciting experiments by Dow STEM ambassadors at Dow stand, where everyone could also donate to orphans' education programs realized by Arifmetika dobra.

  • Moscow, Russia: Dow Russia hosted a group of schoolchildren from Novogurievsky educational orphanage in Moscow office.

    The agenda included an introductory session about the Company held by Dow HR colleagues, career stories from Dow representatives, a tour around the office and a “pH indicator” lesson under the STEM umbrella.