Youri Bobrov

Number of years working at Dow – 10 years

Did you join Dow as a co-op, intern, as a first job, or as an experienced hire?

I joined Dow in 2007 as an experienced employee after Dow acquired the company I was working at. At the beginning of my career path, I was responsible for the customers’ technical support; I also promoted products for the construction business (Dow Construction Chemicals).

How did your career develop?

In 10 years of my history with Dow I changed several business directions. The longest period I worked as an account manager for Dow Automotive. The business was difficult, but interesting. We realized many projects from scratch.
After that I was offered a business development manager position for Kazakhstan and now my area of responsibility includes almost all CIS countries.

Was it difficult for you to get a job at Dow? Which qualities to your mind were necessary for you and for all new candidates?

In my opinion of the most essential quality for Dow employees is communication skills. The key success factor is the ability to achieve an understanding of different people.
Another important thing is to take the responsibility and be able to work independently. Dow is the company where most of the time you work independently, nobody controls you on a constant basis. Therefore, it is very important that you are able to take the responsibility for your actions and decisions.

How has Dow helped you thrive as a person and as an employee?

Thanks to Dow, I made my way from the technical specialist to the business development manager of the whole region. I moved to another country, got out of my personal comfort zone.
This is indeed a considerable experience. The most important in working for Dow is your personal wish. If you have this wish to develop and to move further in your career, eventually the Company will give you the chance. What is important - not to lose this chance.

What do you like most about your job?

Of course, first of all it is freedom to take the decision. This is a big plus because you see that you are trusted. You develop, you try your own strategy, your own vision, and you test your strategy and see what needs to be done or improved.

Can you describe a specific program or challenging project that resulted in your growing as an individual?

The most difficult and the most memorable project until now is of course my relocation to another country, to Kazakhstan. It was very difficult, both from the job perspective and psychologically. However, exactly these changes, new position gave me knowledge, self-confidence and clear understanding where I need to go and how to develop business in the regions.

What do you think is your main achievement?

The way from technical specialist to a professional with the business development responsibility for such a big region.

Do you have a mentor?

I am the lucky one. My leaders/supervisors were always located in the same region or even in the same office as I was. This is for sure the advantage; you can easily discuss your projects, challenges and opportunities and have a constructive dialogue.

Would you like to add anything else?

I would like to tell Dow employees, current and future ones: if you wish to change your life, to do the sharp turn, do not be afraid. I know it is difficult, the decision comes hard, but it’s worth it, especially if you want to grow and develop from personal and professional perspectives.