Valeria Burlakova

Number of years working at Dow – 4 years

Degree - MSc Chemical Engineering

Did you join Dow as a co-op, intern, as a first job, or as an experienced hire?

Experienced hire.

What do you like most about your job?

I like that there is a great variety of different opportunities within one company, which means that you can get new responsibilities by working in another business division, for example. This gives you and opportunity to improve your skills, gain new knowledge and working experience.

What attracted you to Dow when deciding where you wanted to work?

I was attracted by the fact that Dow is a global leader, wellknown brand, technology driven company which respects its employees.

Can you describe a specific program or challenging project that resulted in you growing as an individual.

I think that this is my relocation to a new office in Kazakhstan. At the beginning it was difficult to get used to a new country and new mentality. It was a big challenge for me and, at the same time, an opportunity to prove my commitment to Dow and my flexibility in work. I highly appreciate how the company supports me in my new role.

How does Dow enable you to live a vibrant life?

I think that we have a great team of preofessionals in Dow. All the employees are very supportive and I found a lot of new friends among my colleagues. I enjoy active working style and an opportunity to share our experience and learn from each other.

Do you have a mentor? Do you participate in an employee network? If yes to either, how has your mentor/network improved your work experience at Dow?

Yes, I have several mentors. They help me to improve my personal skills, efficiency, advise how to optimize my work process to deliver better results,as well as to plan future carrier in Dow.

How has Dow helped you thrive as a person? As an employee?

Working for Dow gives me stability in future as well as an opportunity to develop my skills. Thanks to a big variaty of people I’m in contact with and projects I was involved in. I grew professionally as sales manager and also in a daily life (better negotiation skills, time management, problem solving and decision making).

What makes you most proud about working at Dow? How are you a Solutionist? – Without sharing confidential information, describe a solution or problem – big or small – you are currently working on.

It’s great to have such big and respected company behind you to feel yourself protected and also valuable for other people. Dow does a great job to improve our life by delivering superior quality products and technologies like Energy Efficiency Solutions, Waste Water Treatment, etc. I’m proud to see that in our daily life so many things are made with Dow products and I’m glad that people trust our company and our experience when they prefer to buy products with Dow logo – because this logo means safety and reliability inside.

How do you feel you are helping to make a difference in the world or your community by working at Dow? What is the most exciting thing you feel you’ve contributed by working at Dow?

I think that the most important is that we have a chance to deliver best technologies to emerging geographies, to share our experience and knowledge and make their life better.