Tatiana Starikova

Number of years working at Dow – 7, 5 years

Did you join Dow as an intern, as a first job, or as an experienced hire?

I joined Dow as an intern for marketing and business development. Dow was my first employer.

What attracted you at Dow when deciding where you wanted to work?

Dow is one of the biggest petrochemical company that gives many career opportunities for young specialists in chemical engineering.
Moreover, as an intern I had flexible working hours that allowed me to combine work and studies at the university.

Was it difficult for you to get a job at Dow? Which qualities from your point of view were necessary for you and for all new candidates?

You have to be ready to go on through several interviews. Personally, I had four interviews. The Company values initiative, commitment, creativity and ability of being a team player.

How has Dow helped you thrive as a person and as an employee?

Working at Dow, you have opportunity for professional growth despite of your sex, age and other traits. After 2 year in marketing, I was offered a business development position with the responsibility for CIS countries. In addition, after 5 years I got another challenging opportunity to continue my career working for Central and Eastern European countries. It is a great chance to get new experience in doing business and projects’ realization.

What do you like most about your job?

I like dynamics, responsibility, ability to take decisions myself and opportunities for career growth.

Can you describe a specific program or challenging project that resulted in you growing as an individual?

In 2016 Dow gave me the business development position in Central and Eastern Europe and I moved to Hungary. First of all this region consists of quite a number of countries, languages, and each country has its own cultural specifics which sometimes influences the way of doing business. Secondly, my area of responsibility included 6 different business directions. In general, this project and position taught me to take more decisions and set priorities.

What do you think is your main achievement?

Realization of the big refining project in Scandinavia. Besides, I met my husband at Dow.

Do you have a mentor?

Yes, I have a mentor. I work in the big region; have many directions for business development perspectives and I really appreciate the advice and support of my experienced colleagues and leaders. It helps to obtain better results.

What makes you most proud about working at Dow?

One of the main company’s priorities is safety. Safety everywhere: labor conditions of employees, ecological initiatives to decrease damage on the environment and high standards of business ethics.