Nadezhda Shuleshova

Number of years working at Dow – 4,5 years

Did you join Dow as a co-op, intern, as a first job, or as an experienced hire?

As contractor for half a year.

What do you like most about your job?

The things I like most about my job are fast pacing environment and ability to learn new things during the working process. I’m also glad to work in a great team and to be surrounded by friendly colleagues who are always ready to provide their help and support.

What attracted you to Dow when deciding where you wanted to work?

In fact, I took the first offer that came and never regretted my choice. I guess it is possible to say that it was my lucky chance.

Can you describe a specific program or challenging project that resulted in you growing as an individual.

I face new challenges and work on various projects almost on a daily basis, so I believe that is is more than enough to grow as a person and to extend existing knowledge – of course if you are willing to go a bit further than it is expected.

Do you have a mentor? Do you participate in an employee network? If yes to either, how has your mentor/network improved your work experience at Dow?

I do have a mentor who helped me to change my position to existing one by advise and by support that I really appreciate and thankful for.

How has Dow helped you thrive as a person? As an employee?

Work in Dow made me much more mature than I was not to mention new experience and skills I have obtained here.

How do you feel you are helping to make a difference in the world or your community by working at Dow? What is the most exciting thing you feel you’ve contributed by working at Dow?

I am starting now a project within the office with possibility to volunteer and help others,attracting interested colleagues to participate in such activities.