Dow to showcase its portfolio at Innovative Solutions in Packaging Conference in Kiev

Kiev, Ukraine - May 23, 2017

Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW), will take part in the 3rd International Conference “Packaging Innovations 2017” held by the World Packaging magazine on May 25 in Premier Place Hotel. The event is aimed at presenting innovative materials for the packaging industry, establishing an open dialogue among the business players and discussing main trends and quality control. Dow will have an opportunity to present its “Fresh to Table” concept as well as innovations like PACXPERT™, POUCHUG™, INNATE™, RETAIN™, ADCOTE™ technologies and much more.

Grant Fisher, commercial director Central and Eastern Europe at Dow’s Packaging and Specialty Plastics business, commented: “Dow has been present in Ukraine for more than 20 years and we are proud to grow our business in the country where our innovations have been successfully applied to meet the growing population needs for fresh food, recyclable packaging and many other. We constantly listen our customers, partners and end-users to anticipate the industry’s challenges and accelerate innovations. Thanks to such platforms as the “Packaging Innovations 2017” conference, we manage to establish long-term relationships with main players of the industry. I look forward to meeting our stakeholders at the conference in Kiev.”

Oleksandr Aleksandrov, country manager of Dow in Ukraine and account manager of Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics, stated: “We are expecting to meet brand owners, our partners, customers and other industry players at the conference where we’ll present our innovations and jointly with our customers and partners showcase Dow’s solutions’ application in action. We will illustrate as well our approach of collaboration across the entire value chain through the unique Pack Studios concept.”

Fresh to Table: Packaging Innovations to Improve Food Preservation

Dow’s portfolio of packaging resins, adhesives and coatings has been developed to help meet the increasing demands of consumers and businesses. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that all food and beverages arrive “fresh to the table”. Each year, globally, one third of the food produced for human consumption – approximately 1.3 billion tons – goes to waste. The resources needed to help create this food, also go to waste. Flexible Plastic packaging can help reduce food waste and spoilage, by protecting the quality and safety of food, preserving food freshness and extending shelf-life. Food is a critical resource, and food preservation is essential. We need to drive the need for more responsible, convenient and eye-catching packaging to help ensure food is always delivered fresh to our tables.

Delivering Ground-Breaking Innovations for Packaging

At the conference, Dow will present its latest technologies to advance packaging worldwide. Among the products on display customers will learn more about:

PACXPERT™ Packaging Technology, an innovative technology that enables the transition from larger traditional rigid containers to flexible packaging. The flexible packaging design offers sustainability benefits and convenience. The distinctive flexible stand-up pouch is durable, lightweight, and cost effective. While flexible, the cube-shaped package is shelf stable and can stand equally well upright or on its side. The lightweight packaging design offers a fitment closure and integrated ergonomic dual handles, enabling precision pouring with no glugging, easy reclosing and convenient carrying.

POUCHUG™- Dow’s novel sensory packaging technology, an innovative solution that offers on-the-shelf differentiation opportunities and an enhanced consumer experience. It elevates packaging to new levels with a unique soft, natural look and feel.

INNATE™ Precision Packaging Resins are a new family of resins that address some of today’s more challenging packaging performance gaps with an unprecedented balance of toughness and stiffness in combination with excellent tear and puncture resistance.

RETAIN™ Polymer Modifiers, a portfolio of compatibilizers that make it easier to recycle post-industrial barrier films without compromising performance or aesthetics.

ADCOTE™ L86-500 Barrier Adhesive that enables the replacement of PET, metallized and aluminium-based packaging structures with an all-polyolefin solution, which is easily recyclable in existing processes – just recently launched at Interpack 2017 beginning of May.

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With an exciting portfolio of advanced polyethylene resins, barrier resins, laminating adhesives, tie layers, high-performance sealants, specialty films as well as peel polymers and adhesives for packaging tapes, labels and protective films, Dow can provide you with tailored, total packaging solutions, offering the flexibility you need to help differentiate yourself in the marketplace and the satisfying experience consumers are looking for. Dow’s Packaging and Specialty Plastics business is the source for innovative and sustainable packaging solutions that can give you a competitive edge. We serve the global plastic packaging industry as the “go-to” solutions provider and one of the largest materials suppliers for the fast-growing packaging segment. Focusing on flexible and rigid food packaging, secondary and tertiary packaging, hygiene packaging, and adhesive applications, Dow is a leading innovator on solutions for better packaging.

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