Dow and NOC Ukraine completed a competition among students to identify the best ecological project

Dow and NOC to take part in the official opening of sports grounds built with Dow solutions

Kiev, Ukraine - September 14, 2017 - The Dow Chemical Company, a subsidiary of DowDuPont, and National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Ukraine completed a competition to identify the best ecological project among students of 5th and 6th grades of Ukraine. The winners have been working on the projects’ implementation within the recent 3 months. The winners will hold the official openings of the sport grounds in schools in Bashtanka, Nikolaevskaya region; in Kamenskoye, Nikolskiy district of Dnepropetrovskiy region; and in Lintsi, Uzhgorodskiy district of Zakarpatskaya region. Dow solutions were used during repairing works.

“Dow combines the power of science and technology to passionately create solutions that are essential to human progress for comfortable and safe living. We care about students’ well-being and it is great when their dreams come true. Such opportunity will help children to develop their skills and become dedicated professionals in future,” said Oleksandr Aleksandrov, country manager of Dow in Ukraine. “Thanks to the project with NOC Ukraine we managed to help to the students from three schools to realize their plans and improve conditions of sport facilities. Dow energy efficiency solutions were used during repairing works at schools. I hope that new sport grounds will enable the students to achieve new heights!”

The teams-winners of the All-Ukrainian sporting event of NOC “New Leader” took part in the contest. The teams elaborated and sent their projects to the jury of the competition. The projects were based on identification of the areas for improvement in sports grounds within the schools referring to one of the announced directions: energy efficiency, usage of Dow innovative water purification technologies and general upgrade of the schools. The competition winners became the following schools:

  • School 1-3, Kamenskoye, Nikolskiy district, Dnepropetrovskiy region. Dow coating material UCAR™ Latex-420G was used for painting the walls of the sports ground at the school. There are different advantages of Dow product such as ink stability, durability, universality and possibility to use it for interior or exterior finish.
  • School 1-3, Lintsi, Uzhgorodskiy district, Zakarpatskiy region. The surface of the ground was made of a special safe covering based on rubber crumb and polyurethane binder VORAMER™ MR 1045 which was supplied by JV Dow Izolan. The product helped to achieve durability, flexibility of the surface as well as high resistance to temperature and ultraviolet changes.
  • School 2-3, Bashtanka, Nikolaevskaya region. Dow PRIMAL™ HG-98 and Dow UCAR™ Latex DL-450 were used for coating of the sports ground’s walls and floors. The main advantage of PRIMAL™ HG-98 is high adhesion to alkyd coating, high glossy opportunity, high chemicals resistance and high endurance. Attrition resistance, high coating durability, universality, great exploitation characteristics are main advantages of Dow UCAR™ Latex DL-450.

“National Olympic Committee pays a great attention to the educational process of young generation on the principles of Olympism and other educational projects. I believe that the contest for the best environmental project, organized jointly with Dow, is a wonderful opportunity to draw attention of young people to the importance of preserving the environment and for children to show their creativity and ability to work in a team,” commented Sergey Bubka, president of NOC.

The All-Ukrainian project “New Leader” has been initiated by NOC 6 years ago. During the whole school year students of the 5th and 6th school grades test their sporting skills and knowledge about historical and modern aspects of the Olympic movement. In 2016 around 300 children from 25 regions of Ukraine during a week showed their intellectual and physical skills in the International Children's Center "Artek" in Puscha-Voditsa.

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