Dow in Russia and CIS


Strong commitment to the region

Dow is highly committed to Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) as a key area for growth, and we continually strive to improve our customer relations, stakeholder outreach and service offering in the region.

In the Region, the Company has representation offices in Moscow (Russia), Kiev (Ukraine), Astana (Kazakhstan), Minsk (Belarus); and two manufacturing facilities located in Russia: one in Ramenskoye for polymer dispersions and the other one in Vladimir for production of polyurethane systems.

Plastics and chemicals for many industries

With more than 40 years of continued presence in Russia and supported by our Company’s experience, size and global presence, Dow is offering a variety of base and performance plastics and chemicals for a wide range of downstream industries including automotive, oil and gas, packaging, building and construction, furniture, wire and cable and agriculture.

Take a closer look at the industries we serve in Russia and CIS to find out solutions that can address your versatile needs.

Our Operations

Dow continues to sustain business growth in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States. With the existing state-of-the-art facilities and while bringing innovative products and technologies, the Company plays an integral role in the regional economic development.

Production of Polymer Dispersions

Ramenskoye, Russia. Registered in 2003 and with the first batch produced in 2008, LLC FINNDISP, affiliate of Dow, is a recognized supplier in Russia and CIS of polymer dispersions used in variety of applications ranging from scotch packaging, to architectural and industrial coatings, and applied as lubricants in primers and water-based adhesives.

Dow Russia Plant No 2 

Production of Polyurethanes and Polyurethane Systems

Vladimir, Russia. Built in 2009, the Dow Izolan plant serves a growing customers base in Russia and the CIS with a broad range of polyurethane systems for rigid and semi-rigid, flexible, integral polyurethane foams as well as adhesives and elastomers used in applications ranging from construction (pipe insulation, sandwich panels, decorative finishing, construction foams), to automotive, furniture, shoe soles and appliance.

Dow Russia Plant No. 3